bistro kurenaha

Des chercheurs qui cherchent, on en trouve.
Mais des chercheurs qui trouvent,
on en cherche!

Bonne journée. 心地よいひとときを。

This is a real French bistro, handmade by the chef with affection from nature and people.
The fragrance of freshly baked bread and steamed soup that floats softly on the street corners, and the calm and vibrant dishes of the colors will make everybody's heart dance.
Along with a table that surrounds each of the moments you have to stop by in the grassy days and each day you bring.
Bonne journée. A comfortable time.

Homemade strawberry sorbet and rosemary scent
自家製苺のソルベ ローズマリーの香り

KURENAHAでは、パーティーのトータルコーディネイトをはじめ、フードディレクションやレシピ開発、 その他音楽などを絡めたイベントや食のワークショップのご提案も承っております。お気軽にお問い合わせください。

KURENAHA also offers proposals for events and food workshops, including food coordination, recipe development, music, etc., including total coordination of parties. Please feel free to contact us.